“If Allah wants to do good to a person, he makes him comprehend the religion...” [Sahih Bukhari 1/67]

Mathematics is very successful and integral part of Islamia Girls' School, as it is used every day in every way. Students have excelled in the subject and continue to show progress year in, year out.

Course Structure 

  • Year 7: KS3 Mathematics is reduced to two years and will start in year 7.
  • Year 8: We finish KS3 in year 8.
  • Year 9: Start GCSE Mathematics with a further option of starting a GCSE in Statistics.
  • Year 10/11: Complete the two year course in Mathematics and if the GCSE Statistics option was chosen than also complete the GCSE in Statistics. Students follow the Edexcel Linear Mathematics syllabus, which is completely exam based and aim to sit their exam early at the end of year 11 all entries up to date have been for the higher tier.


Judging by the enthusiasm in class and results I can confidently say Mathematics is loved by the vast majority of students. Our results ranges from 100% to 92% A* to C.

Facilities and Resources

Resources: Math Frame-working Year 7, 8 & 9 pupil book 3 and prepared worksheets from different sources.
GCSE Math 2 tier- higher for Edexcel A Collins.
Resources: GCSE Year 10 Math 2 tier- higher for Edexcel A Collins and prepared worksheets and past exam papers.
Resources: Year 11- Core Mathematics 1 & 2 Heinemann

Homework is given two times a week and the use of the very interactive MyMaths website means we are one of the few Islamic schools to allow students to have Mathematics resources at their fingertips 24 hours a day! So whenever a student decides they want to improve on a certain topic they can log on and have a virtual private tutor for free!

Pupils achieve high standards at GCSE, including in English and mathematics.Ofsted 2023